To Your Potential!
Improving Communication

Listening, asking questions, and pausing for reflection are important tools in your quest to maximize your potential. These are aspects of effective communication, with yourself and others.

Listening is not the same as hearing. And listening is often taken for granted. I, like some of you, have had numerous experiences where the voice inside directed me to a certain path. Of course I knew better and did things “my way” which has cost me a lot of time, money, energy, and some wounded relationships.

In business, the cost of not listening can impact: morale, customers, loss of valuable employees, poor hiring decisions, productivity, profitability, the industry and the community.

Questions lead to solutions and insight. Not just any question but asking effective questions leads to the best solution and wise insights. Consider the difference between: How was your day? vs. What are some of the best (or most important) things that happened today? These are basically the same question. However you’ll get quite different responses.

Pausing for reflection keeps you centered. It also gives you the opportunity to take in information, discern its importance, look at options, and make better decisions for your personal and professional life.

How would you rate your communication skills? Do you get the results and responses you expect when interacting with people whether face-to-face, with small groups, over the telephone, or when writing?

Let's take a look at how you can improve communication skills.

Planning whether for verbal or written communication, is time well spent. So...

Telephone and voice mail, require a few simple steps such as:

Enhance the effectiveness of your communication by:

Continuous improvement applies to your communication as well as business practices. So be sure to

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