Greetings to You this first day of June. And welcome to the inaugural issue of the ASW e-newsletter.
We've just had the unofficial marking of summer with Memorial Day, even though June 20 is officially the first day of summer. The changing of seasons can often be an outer sign of what is taking place in our everyday lives, both professionally and personally. Some questions that are good to ask:
* What has changed in my life? in my work?
* What is needing to change? Or What no longer serves me or brings me satisfaction and joy?
The first set of questions acknowledges and honors where you have been and what has taken place leading to where you are now. The second set of questions can help you in moving forward with awareness. They can also assist in charting your course, as well as serve as a source of empowerment.
 "The secret of being more vitally alive is to be more aware."
     -- Wilferd A. Peterson, The Art of Creative Thinking
Attached is a flyer with upcoming programs related to personal development. These are exciting new offerings from ASW. More to come...
Here's two websites worth checking out:
May you have an insightful, prosperously productive month.

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Antoinette S. Webster
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